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Alliance for refugees Kaufbeuren and surrounding

More than 50 million people today are refugees throughout the world.
They are fleeing from war, persecution and hunger.
Most of the refugees live in camps built on the borders of the warzones.
Many refugees die as they flee from their homes.
Only a small number of refugees reach our hometowns in Germany.
We all have a responsibility for these refugees.

These are people who have been persecuted, traumatized and have fled in desperation.
They need to be protected.
They need to feel secure here, in our town.
They can only feel secure, when they have no fear of being hasseled or violently attacked.
Refugees live in fear.
We stand with them, we will protect them.

These are people who have left their homeland, their family, their personal belongings behind.
They need basic material belongings.

They need medical and psychological treatment.
These refugees live with fears, threats, violence and seperation pain.
We offer them our support.

These people live in a foreign land, in a foreign culture.
They need to be accepted in our society and not be discriminated against.

This means they need contact to Germans, they need the chance to learn the language,
they need to understand how our society is organized and how to obey the rules of our society.

Not only do the refugees who stay in Germany with Asylum need our support, but also those refugees who must or will return to their homeland someday. These refugees will remember their experience in Germany with democracy and human rights and this knowledge will be taken back to their homeland and shared with others.

We wish to meet with these individuals and get to know these refugees.

We say NO to the political voices that spread fear.
We say NO to hostility towards foreigners and no to racism.

We say YES to a culture of acceptance in our hometown.
We say YES to open and friendly meetings together.

We stand together for a region of tolerance and a region with a good exchange between us and the refugees.

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